Libby Vilner Life with Libby

Crossing the border from Heartbreak to Happiness, meet Libby Vilner who is originally from Israel where she has been featured front page of the popular LaIsha Magazine, but is now based in the United States where she has covered popular events such as the Nickelodeon Red Carpet.

Our featured Ambassador, Libby Vilner is a Lifestyle blogger who focuses around Fashion, Beauty Travel & Non-Toxic Lifestyle.

Like most women, she is no stranger to heartbreak and betrayal but has overcome and made it her mission to remain strong, positive and healthy in all aspects, which you can see by simply scrolling down her BFrow profile. You will be greeted by a happily smiling face in both her main and background photo. A beautiful representation of the Good Vibes she provides, encourages and teaches others via her lifestyle blog

Libby Vilner Life with Libby

She shares with the BFrow community the latest trends, tips on beauty care & lines and a variety of styles that range from relaxing to total knock-out. One thing you will also notice when you follow and check out her BFrow profile is her encouragement for others to not only look beautiful and healthy but be beautiful and healthy in all aspects.

An example is an inspirational post about exercising and a few tips on methods that work which also include looking good in selected workout gear that may psych you up to work out harder. Libby may be based in the United States but her lifestyle and fashion blogging know no borders as it is influenced by the amount of traveling and events she shares with the community. Life With Libby is a life worth keeping up with.