Lauren Jaclyn

We had a chance to get BTS details on full-time blogging with one of our newest BFrow users, Lauren Jaclyn and we couldn’t wait to share the details! We know just how hard it is to turn blogging into a business, let alone making it a full-time gig. That’s the dream right? Well, we wanted to get to know the woman behind the brand to see just how she does it!

Q : What is your profession?
A : I blog full-time for! Owning my own business and creating my own brand is so much fun but also a ton of work. I am the content creator, photographer, stylist, wedding planner, recipe developer, marketing director, accountant, and graphic designer – all at one time! Being able to dedicate all of my time to creating my vision and follow my passion has been an absolute dream. I can’t believe this is actually my job! I feel so lucky.
Q : How long have you been working in the fashion industry?
A : Technically, I have only been blogging full-time since August 2016. However, I have been working as fashion police and stylist for my friends since I was born in 1993. All joking aside, fashion has been a huge part of my life since the day I tried on my mom’s high heels and I never looked back.

Q : Did you study or take any courses related to your profession within the Fashion industry?
A : I majored in Event Management at University of Central Florida. My original intention was to become an event coordinator. Looking back now, the reason I was drawn to that major was the whole design and creative aspect of it. Putting together an event is a lot like styling an outfit. Come up with a gorgeous concept, start with great basics, and accessorize!

Lauren Jaclyn
Q : How do you currently make connections and find job/collaboration opportunities within the Fashion Industry?
A : A huge part of my day-to-day schedule is reaching out to brands and local businesses about possible collaborations. Making connections via email, telephone calls, or in-person meetings has lead me to collaborate and connect with brands I never thought would be possible. Just gaining the confidence to put myself out there and knowing that I have something to offer that no one else does has been huge for me and my career!
Q : What are your most frequently used channels for presenting your work/product?
A : I really try to make the blog my home base to display all of my content. This makes it super easy for my readers to navigate and find what they’re looking for! That being said, Instagram is hugely important for influencers. I love using my Instagram feed as a snapshot of what you’ll find on my blog! This allows people to discover me and instantly know whether or not my style is right for them. Another feature that’s been super helpful for me to connect with my readers is Instagram Stories! I use it to present an unfiltered, raw version of myself to my followers. This has helped my readers get to know me on a much more personal level, which I love!
Q : What are your most frequently used channels for connecting to people within the Fashion industry?
A : Instagram has been super helpful in meeting and connecting with other influencers or people in the Fashion industry. Simply commenting, liking, and messaging back and forth has allowed me to build friendships with so many other bloggers or brands!

Lauren Jaclyn
Q : Where do you go to search for information relevant to your profession?
A : Most of the information I need is on the creative side. I am constantly searching for inspiration for new content! This comes from other influencers, fashion magazines, interior design, Pinterest – you name it, I draw inspiration from it. For the more technical side of things, I get a lot of useful information from RewardStyle and FohrCard.
Q : What is missing for you from any of these platforms that you use?
A : The biggest thing that gets in my way on the platforms I use is algorithm changes. Instagram in particular is always changing the way it displays your content, making it super difficult for influencers to be discovered and get high engagement rates. I spend a lot of time finding ways to rework my feed and analyze my performance so that my followers can get the most from my content. I’d much rather be creating new content in that time.
Q : Which of these platforms bring you the most connections?
A : Instagram has been a great way for brands to discover me and get a feel for my brand. Also, joining a variety of influencer networks has brought me a lot of collaboration and partnership opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Q : Do you attend offline industry events?
A : Yes, I love attending blogger events! I go to lots of store openings, fashion shows, and local events. This is an amazing way to meet other people in the industry! Especially since a lot of my work is done from home, getting out and networking is essential! This allows me to build connections (and more importantly, friendships!) with people in the industry, which is so much fun.

It was such pleasure hearing how Jaclyn manages her business. It’s a lot of work, but incredibly fulfilling to be able to build a brand from scratch and make those dreams a reality. We love hearing blogger success stories! Click HERE to visit Jaclyn’s BFrow page.