There is nothing worse than being on a diet and watching the Insta-stories of your friends stuffing their faces with the most delicious food (hello, pizza and ice cream!) while you sit miserably on the couch trying to swallow down your liquid dinner. We’re here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let us introduce you to Diamonds & Desserts (D&D). Hailing from California, D&D is a luxury jewelry brand focusing on modern manufacturing, ethical sourcing and real diamonds.

You’re probably thinking ‘this sounds cool but what does this have to do with me and my immense craving for carbs,’ amirite? Well, unlike the minimalistic jewelry that has taken the industry by storm, D&D brings back the fun and energy by adding a bit of sweetness in the form of some of our favorite desserts (we’re looking at you donuts and cupcakes). What a better way to forget about your lack of chewing solid food than with a beautiful piece of jewelry of your beloved sweets – of course the diamonds and gemstones help, too.

So how was this amazing brand created?

The two founders, Daniel and Sean, met in London during their studies abroad as randomly assigned roommates. They quickly found out that their families – both in the jewelry industry – have been working together for years. (If this isn’t fate, we don’t know what is.) After graduating school in San Diego, they both moved back to Los Angeles to take over the family businesses.

Introducing our new display tray! ❤️ We love hashtags cause they look like waffles…

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Initially, D&D was to be an informational blog on luxury jewelry, but it slowly developed into custom pieces for family and friends. High demand and requests for their pieces gave them the courage to create a deliciously different approach to the luxury jewelry market, which allows the consumer to personally design their piece, choosing from 4 different categories and a collection of jewels fit for a queen (literally).

So go on and chug your green juice with a smile. You won’t need anything sweeter than the D&D jewels dripping from your neck.

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