If you’ve ever cyber stalked the red carpet at an award show, fashion week or an anticipated movie premiere, chances are Sade Spence was already there, live and in person. This week’s Featured Frow|er goes to the award-winning broadcast journalist, whose wardrobe we envy!

Sade Spencer is an entertainment reporter based between L.A. and NYC. Her job includes some of the most glamorous perks, working big name events like the American Music Awards or side by side with Fashion Bomb Daily at New York Fashion Week. Now, Sade has worked her way up from working as a radio DJ at her alma mater UCLA, to building her own media presence through her writing and two radio shows, carried all around the world.

Sade is the ultimate #GIRLBOSS and we can’t help but swoon over her killer personal style and ongoing initiative to promote women working in media. Check out her Youtube channel for a look at all her adventures and follow her on Instagram to take part in all the fun!

BTW check her reel from the Nolcha Shows at Fashion Week…

Produced by journalist/blogger Sade A. Spence @sadeaspence with videography by Simone Hamilton @simoneyshot.