Meet, Azadeh Valanejad, she is a multimedia journalist, social video producer at Glamour, blogger at and an aspirational influencer on BFrow.

She is one motivated hustler, when she’s not networking at one of New York City’s most exclusive events, you can be sure she hard at work inspiring those around her – check out her BFrow post¬†3 Ways to Own It This Week (& Every Week!). We loved #3!

“gratitude determines attitude and attitude determines altitude”

Azadeh is a firm believer in living a life of service, she is on a mission to combine her love of fashion and passion for humanitarianism. She attends events at the United Nations and is dedicated to working as exclusively as possible with organizations and brands who give back.

Recently, one of her more interactive projects was with Glamour, where she starred in an episode of their web series, “30 Days To Greatness”. The episode focused on Azadeh learning to pole dance in 30 days. Glamour had a pole installed in her apartment and she trained with the amazing Roz The Diva… it was the real deal! Not to mention, her video got over 24k views on Youtube. Congrats girl!

See more of Azadeh on BFrow HERE.