hungry and Well dresses

If you’re hungry for being well-dressed then we’ve found the perfect blog for you!  

Okay, perhaps you’re also hungry for something that will not only satiate your fashion appetite but your stomach as well.  Either way, Hungry and Well Dressed’s Twitter and Instagram feeds provide some serious food for thought.

Stephanie travels as a foodie and inspirational lifestyle blogger with chronicles from palate to palette–delicious cuisines to the latest eyeshadow trends.  She is 22 years old from Toronto and has been blogging since 2015.

hungry and well dressed

Maybe you know someone else who is hungry and not so well dressed… Stephanie’s got you covered, H&WD is a resource for great gift ideas!  Retailers and restaurants all under one domain–how lucky could you get?  She shares recipes, too.

According to the blogger, “food [is] pretty much what [she] thinks about all day, every day.”  We disagree, Steph!  Apparently, you’ve got lots of other great things on your mind.  Thanks for sharing!

Check out more amazing content on her BFrow blog HERE.