Growing your audience and increasing your marketing efforts doesn’t have to mean growing your task lists or increasing your budget.

Get started with these six magnificent marketing tools to save your blog from drowning in a sea of competition, and make a big splash with your target audience.

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Make a Splash With These Marketing Tools

If you aren’t using any of these FREE online tools to help market your website or blog, you’re really missing out on the opportunities to reel in the many fish you want to catch. Their popularity is high, the numbers are exponential, the cost is zero, and you can learn to use them in just a few minutes. There’s no reason not to take a big leap to make a big splash to get great results.

Google Alerts

Simple, yet highly effective, Google Alerts lets you enter keywords and you’ll receive alerts anytime they are mentioned in articles, posts, and news on the internet. Use this tool to stay on top of when your name, site, or brand are mentioned. Keep tabs on your competitions’ mentions. And follow industry news so you are always in-the-know and one of the first to post and share relevant information to your followers.

BFrow Extra: Do more social monitoring with Social Mention, which looks at user-generated content (comments, videos, etc.) and reports on your keywords, just like a search engine.


Pinterest is known for mouth-watering pictures of delectable dishes, do-it-yourself tips, stylish manicures,  beautiful outfits, and wish lists for dream homes “pinned” to users’ online boards. But Pinterest is also growing in popularity as a way to promote blog and website content, and considering fashion and lifestyle blogs include gorgeous images, Pinterest is a perfect tool for marketing your blog’s content that you may not have considered using this way.

Get the word out about your blog posts and updates by creating Blog Boards, each with the same name as your blog page title. You can add eye-catching photos, links, and a summary that others will follow and re-pin.

Be sure to:

  • Engage with your Pinterest followers in the comments.
  • Add new pins and re-pin followers’ interesting, relevant content.
  • Add the “Pin it” button to your blog posts so readers will actively follow your boards.

With over 70 million users on Pinterest, it has become stiff competition for Facebook and Twitter, and should be taken seriously in your marketing efforts.

Man splashing in water. is a social media management tool that automates and informs. Get a free account and connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts to quickly get started on focusing on your engagement. Manage multiple profiles; focus on the real influencers in your network and your most engaged users. Determine which actions you want to be automated, like auto-reply or like, and save time while does the heavy lifting for you.


“Marketing is getting the right message to the right person at the right time.” Rapportive makes it easier to know the people in your inbox and improve your marketing efforts. Have you ever received an email and wanted to instantly know more about the person who sent it? This marketing tool will give you a snapshot of their LinkedIn profile, without you ever leaving Gmail:

  • See the sender’s photo
  • View their job and education information
  • Find out if they are close so you can set up a meeting nearby
  • Discover shared connections

Grow your professional network for your blog with this seamless plugin. Connect with the right people and make the most of the opportunity to get out your message.


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that will help you share, curate, and save time in a snap. Schedule your own posts or curated content that you add to a queue to be automatically sent from throughout the day. Buffer makes sharing content easy for bloggers, especially when you are busy with other tasks and responsibilities, and it’s the perfect solution for getting your content delivered to and seen by readers in different time zones, as well.

While the main selling point of Buffer is the scheduling feature, Buffer also offers:

  • Analytics
  • The ability to choose multiple images to appear with your post
  • Multiple social media accounts and multiple users
  • Link shortening
  • Chrome, Safari, and Firefox extensions

If managing your social media accounts and taking your post publication scheduling to the next level has been an issue for you, resolve it with Buffer.


PicMonkey’s fun and hip interface makes editing photos for your website something you can look forward to instead of seeing it as a tedious but necessary chore. From basic edits like cropping and adjusting colors, to bigger tricks like removing blemishes and whitening teeth (without Photoshop) and adding overlays, this photo editing site has everything you need to create the perfect images you need.

You can also:

  • Use their fun, fancy, and functional fonts, or even use your own
  • Easily design your own banners, cards, and Facebook Covers
  • Create collages
  • Add text to create your own memes

Great looking pictures on your site, blog, and social media posts get your content seen more than just plain text. Visitors and readers are drawn to visuals, and a great edited photo can really make or break your number of clicks, views, shares, and retweets.


Want more tools to help make marketing your blog easier? Stay on the front row of the BFrow Blog.