Hailing from Algeria and currently living in Paris, Mina Yantren founded her blog, withmina.comin order to share her personal style, inspirations and lifestyle with the world, one that she calls “trendy with a subtle edgy touch.”  

A multifaceted woman, Mina works as a freelance Interior Designer & Event Coordinator, which gives her blog a unique perspective on everything from fashion and design to travel and fitness. As if Mina couldn’t be more talented, she is also fluent in 4 languages – English, Arabic, Spanish and French – with her fifth, Italian, being shortly added to this list.

When Mina is not posting the best tips and tricks for being your most stylish self, she is perusing the classic and cozy places Paris has to offer, vacationing by the sea, and focusing on the energy needed to be the strong independent woman she loves being!

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